Because we never know what’s the next sentence that’s gonna come up,
neither do we know what’s the next step.

2014 has really been an ambiguous yet fulfilling year. It’s only October, but I already can’t wait for this year to be over. I fell in love, broke some hearts, lost some friendships, failed many times, won some kachings, spent a bomb too, made new friends and many more. But I guess one thing that I appreciate was growing up.

I would love to travel somewhere, alone. One day.



Do Min Joon

Feeling so incomplete after the drama ended. It did give a proper ending, but somehow a part of me felt there’s a missing piece of puzzle.

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s not entirely impossible, but it’s the effort put in that turnover situations.

Not being emotional. I still find myself standing strong. Cause somehow I found myself giving up a lil.

Keeping myself occupied is rather a good thing. September gonna be soooo packed with work, sch and assignments. But I can’t wait!

It suddenly dawns upon me that we are blinded by the happiness and hurting innocent and devoted people.

But neither one is willing to withdraw. Stucked.

The dream I had yesterday was probably a wake up call, to do something.

Strangled by guilt.


Have been reading many posts on traveling around Europe and it kinda ticks me to do one up too.

So. Much. Memories.

After the study exchange ended in Birmingham, I trained to London to deposit my luggage with my cousin who was studying there permanently. For those that studies in UK should know that their metro stations do not have escalators, it’s all stairs and stairs and never ending stairs. Some stations do have lifts for the handicapped, but there’s stillstairs! So good luck lugging your bigass luggage up and down, but usually the British are really kind people who will offer their help. Spent a day roaming around until night falls, took a bus to Luton Airport. My friends and I booked our tickets through Easyjet to our first stop, Spain (Madrid). The flight was next day 7am and 5am was the check-in. We thought it was really early and hence, decided to camped at the airport overnight.

But guess what, despite camping overnight at the airport….. WE MISSED OUR FLIGHT URGHHHHHH!


Okay, one thing is that London’s airports custom checks are extremely strict. We checked in slightly late, like around 5-ish, went in and saw the long queue for the custom check. And besides the long queue, they are really strict with all the fluids in your hand-carry. I guess I was quite unlucky because the security actually checked through my wallet, like my notes, tickets etc -_- Yup, so ended up missing our flight. Left with no choice, we booked another one on the spot immediately and I think it was about 70pounds.

And we’ve finally landed in Madrid!!!!!




Madrid was a nice city, with street artists everywhere. Metro was convenient as well, but are quite expensive though. Single trip was about 2.20 euros. Madrid was also the place where I first had llao llao! It was good, but I really do not understand the hype going on in Singapore.


We stayed at this hostel at the city centre area which i forgot the name. & seized the opportunity to take photo with our first European friend! He’s spanish, and oh his command of English isn’t very good. So you’ll probably be facing some difficulties. One advice is to download language apps for some basic words!

IMG_2492 IMG_2494




IMG_2506Visited a museum and it was free entry! Always check on their website if it says complimentary for student or what not. You need to show proof though, like the student visa chop on your passport or any International student card.

Madrid was nothing short of amazing. People on the streets were fashionable, many street artists as well. Weather was good with the sun blazing cause we were kinda sick of the cold and wet weather for the past few months! So I guess a little tanning on random grass patches won’t hurt 😉




Till then, up next will be Barcelona! ( WE TOOK A 8 HOUR BUS RIDE THERE HOHO)

Wake up call.

Maybe one day I’ll wake up, realizing I’ve been lost in a dream.

I just hope that it’s not a year later.

What the guys told me that night was entirely true. I did make me ponder again even though I’m almost hopeless. But yeah, the final decision lies on only one person’s hand.

Yes, no? Not for all to decide.

You Seem Really Happy With Her

How apt.

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In all the time we spent fucking, I don’t think it’s fair to say that we ever made love. I did love you, more than I cared to understand at the time, and now, in your absence, I convince myself that I still do. And when you told me you loved me, I don’t think I had any doubts. But that’s not what we were doing.

You were my safety net, my secret, my project, my muse. All of my best writing was done when I was upset with you (which was often). My biggest mistakes were made when I was trying to get your attention. I always pushed myself the hardest when I thought it might impress you. Even now, I still wonder what you must think. But I’d be damned if I ever let on that you were that important to me. I cared the most about…

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