What are your thoughts?

Then I realised how much I’ve changed; my character, my temper, my patience. For one.

It really sucks being in such situation. Something I really dislike: Ambiguity.

‘Cause of different perspectives. I tried to be understanding, I tried to view it from your side. But this is something I can’t compromise. It troubles and confuses me, what’s the current status or rather, what’s my current status? Many would wonder if the status is really that important. It is, when you cherish the other one and wouldn’t want the other party to live in ambiguity whenever anybody enquires. I really have no idea how to answer. Yes, there’s no need to answer to anybody and yes it is good live within the bubble. But it gets annoying whenever your closed ones ask about your relationship life. I feel restricted to share because I thought of you, I’m afraid you would want to keep it within us.

Why would one not want to show? Nobody is asking for displaying public affection all over on social medias. The least you could do is not deny, not afraid to show. Afraid of rumours? But what rumours are there?

Such situation, honestly it’s worse than being single.