You Seem Really Happy With Her

How apt.

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In all the time we spent fucking, I don’t think it’s fair to say that we ever made love. I did love you, more than I cared to understand at the time, and now, in your absence, I convince myself that I still do. And when you told me you loved me, I don’t think I had any doubts. But that’s not what we were doing.

You were my safety net, my secret, my project, my muse. All of my best writing was done when I was upset with you (which was often). My biggest mistakes were made when I was trying to get your attention. I always pushed myself the hardest when I thought it might impress you. Even now, I still wonder what you must think. But I’d be damned if I ever let on that you were that important to me. I cared the most about…

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To JB for 1 day!

Went for a day trip to JB yesterday. Yes on a saturday which the custom jam turns out to be damn baddddd. Spent 2 hours plus to clear the custom. Horrible horrible!

Lunch, good.
Shopping, not bad.
Sing k, good.
Haircut, awesome.



I have shorter hair now whoop whoop