I miss London

London has given me the best memory of 2014 and yes the company plays a part too.

I really love how bustling the city is especially on weekends! Shops at oxford street closes at 8/9pm, couples lazing under the beautiful weather at the different parks (gotta admit the shit weather most of the time), catching musicals with your loved ones, so many more activities ongoing!

Some of my favourite activities while I was in London:
1. Getting crepe with Nutella and strawberries from random shops on the street!
2. Just walking around. From Oxford to Tottenham, from Covent Garden to Piccadilly Circus.
3. Shopping at Oxford Street. It’s something like orchard road stretching all the way to somerset. I love how huge and spacious their shops are, especially Topshop😍.
4. Visiting tourist attractions, such as the Buckingham Palace, museums, London eye!
5. Taking the tube. Omg so so so convenient! Love how all the lines are connected.
6. Eating non stop, from Chinese to Korean to Japanese to Seafood to Gordon Ramsay’s.

London, you’ve been missed deeply 😦



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